Durrants Hill Fishery

Durrants Hill Fishery is a gravel pit complex dug in 1984. It is a lake of 2.75 acres for the exclusive use of club members and their guests (subject to club by-laws). It varies in depth from 3 to 14 feet and was originally stocked with tench to over 7 lb, roach in excess of 2 lb plus a healthy head of large crucian carp, rudd, pike and perch. Since then further tench, roach and more recently bream and carp have been introduced.

As with the Mere this water is monitored and stocked as part of our Club fishery policy. All species can be caught on a variety of baits including boilies, bread, sweetcorn, maggot, caster and lobworm for some good perch.

Because the lake is spring fed a more consistent water temperature allows good fishing throughout the year and it seldom freezes over.

Secure car parking is available, for members, within the perimeter of the lake.